Named after our dynamic Co-Founder Parina Jain, Parina celebrates the extravagance and intricacy of India’s royal heritage and reinterprets it in the modern context. Known for its unparalleled design aesthetic and detail-driven technique, Parina International has perfected the craft of presenting the
alluring appeal of dazzling diamonds, mesmerizing gemstones and exquisite metals in wearable form.

Based in Jaipur, the royal heart of India’s jewellery making, Parina International’s dedicated team of seasoned designers, karigars and craftsmen harmonize
classic techniques with contemporary aesthetics. Since its inception in 2009, Parina International has participated in over 200 exhibitions, trade shows and
private viewings, while being featured in leading publications that include Vogue, Brides Today, Indian Jeweller and The Taj Magazine.


Sudhir Jain – Director, Parina International

A true guiding force, Parina International was built from Mr. Sudhir Jain’s legacy, whose foray into the jewellery world began rather unexpectedly. While working for his family’s business in the iron and steel sector, he chanced upon a couple of international travellers looking gemstones in India’s ‘pink city.’ He not only procured these gemstones, but also managed to create several business opportunities from this encounter. Quickly realizing the potential of the jewellery industry, he expanded the family business into diamond jewellery manufacturing.

Many years later, his son and daughter-in-law, displaying the same entrepreneurial spirit, founded Parina International and haven’t looked back since.

Parina Jain – Co-Founder, Parina International

An entrepreneurial powerhouse, Parina Jain quickly carved out a diamond-studded niche in the industry after starting her brand. Actively involved in the design, sales and marketing departments at Parina International, she possesses the perfect balance of creativity and business acumen. With a keen eye for detail and a mind that’s always innovating, she’s constantly seeking to uncover the hidden beauty in each gemstone. Despite the challenges of juggling multiple roles as daughter, wife and mother, she’s proud to be a shining example of what it means to be a successful businesswoman.

The biggest achievement in her books is the sense of community and loyalty that she’s instilled in the brand’s customers from all over the world. “The fact that our customers keep coming back is something that pushes us to do better. We’re always here to help clients navigate the world of precious stones and metals, creating pieces that truly refle ct their style and personality .”

Ankur Jain – Co-Founder, Parina International

Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Ankur Jain inherited a passion for business and jewellery, making Parina International grow rapidly since its inception. His invaluable experience coupled with his passion for the industry has cemented the company’s position as one of the most innovative jewellery houses in the country. Actively inv olved in the financ e, operations, manufacturing, sales and human resources departments at Parina International, he ensures a productive work environment where creativity can flourish.

With his unwavering commitment to the business and jewellery industry as a whole, he is always looking for new ways t o impro ve efficienc y, while maintaining the exceptional quality Parina International is known for. “I’m still as passionat e about the industry as when I first started out. With our commitment to creating designs that are timeless and elegant, every Parina piece is and will be treasured b y our cust omers and generations t o c ome.”

The Team

Parina International employs several dedicated designers and karigars who are always on the cutting edge of their craft and skilled in the intricate techniques used in traditional Indian jewellery making. Armed with unbridled passion and a deep understanding of our rich cultural heritage, they are committed to push the envelope to create pieces that truly withstand the test of time. Mindful of contemporary sensibilities and evolving trends, they strive to strike the right balance between Indian artistry and its interpretation in today’s world.


At Parina International, we specialize in crafting the finest jadau, kundan, meenakari and polki jewellery. Our team loves pairing conventional techniques with new-age designs. From rich pieces that pay homage to royal roots to delicate diamonds paired with gemstones for a more contemporary edge, every Parina piece is made to have a special place in your jewellery collection. With an array of options spanning across light weight, antique, delicate, architectural references, distinct colour combinations and floral motifs, there’s something f or everyone. Take, for example, our bestselling French Enamel Polki Studded Bracelet that doubles up as an elegant choker that our clients love to style. Or our elaborate custom-created Kundan Meena Jadau Bridal Necklace studded with polki diamonds, pearls and emerald drops in 18k gold that employs three different techniques and settings, created for a bride who wanted something truly unique for her big day.

At Parina International, we believe we put forth the finest reflection of timeless tradition, and we strive to mak e that a reality with every piece we create.